Contact Links

There are several different ways to get in touch with the Cookie Brigade or to find out what's going on, not all of them are updated regularly and sometimes contact is very sporadic, so make sure to give all of them a try!


The PAX forums, hosted by Penny Arcade, has a dedicated Cookie Brigade thread for many of the common questions and information

Google Group

The Google Group still comes up in the search results and was an early iteration for those of us trying to organize the Cookie Brigade. At this point, it is no longer in use. To get into contact with current Brigadiers, the best way is either going to be the Penny Arcade Forums or the official Cookie Brigade site.

Official Cookie Brigade forums

Another option is the pure Cookie Brigade forum that VThornheart so kindly put up, this is currently the "official" central contact point for the Cookie Brigade. Registration is required for access to the boards.