What is the Cookie Brigade?

What started in 2007 as two people randomly handing out cookies to people waiting in lines has become a force for good! The Brigadiers bake cookies and bring them to PAX, where we distribute our tasty goodies and accept donations to Child's Play. In the past 2.5 years we've raised more than $13,000!

Who is the Cookie Brigade?

The Cookie Brigadiers are all volunteers and attendees of the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX). This isn't a job and it's all for fun so there are no shifts and no requirements to join, it's just a bunch of people who like to bake doing it for a good cause.

When is the Cookie Brigade in action?

Some Cookie Brigadiers will begin distribution as early as during the PAX East Train Alliance the Thursday before PAX. Distribution occurs throughout PAX until we run out of cookies.

Where can I find a Cookie Brigade member?

Cookie Brigade members are all attendees at PAX and are looking to enjoy their time there so you'll probably be able to spot them all over the Expo. If you're really trying to track one down look for people wearing a Cookie Brigade button!

Please note that the official Cookie Brigade website is now at: http://cookie-brigade.com/. This site is being maintained for historical reasons but leadership has been passed on because I'm busy with graduate school.