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Here's the deal on the contact info and why we're requesting some of this: we're going to need to coordinate some meeting up to drop off, pick up, and distribute cookies and cash. Due to the nature of the event, we're probably going to be using a hotel room for this and therefore we won't have the location until people have actually checked in (probably on Thursday).

Please note that the official Cookie Brigade website is now at:

At this point if you're interested in signing up to help with the Cookie Brigade, you will need to create an account on that site and wait to have your account verified. This site is being maintained for historical reasons but leadership has been passed on because I'm busy with graduate school.

As an added note in case you've found this site and are still reading, there's no minimum requirement for baking or distribution when signing up. The Cookie Brigade is entirely run by volunteers and anything you're able to contribute is valued, even if it's only a dozen cookies!